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Please visit our site often for updated events and news. We Shriners are constantly on the go and working hard for our children. After all, Shriners-Having fun and helping kids is what we are all about!


Dates & Times to Remember:

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Sportsman Raffle June 2, 2018!

March 2018

THU. 1- Deadline for the April Magazine

SUN. 25 - Pacer Night

April 2018

MON. 2- Deadline for the May Magazine

SAT. 14- Chanters Spring Sing

Grand Master's One Day Class at the AASR Indy

MON. 16- Divan Meeting

Board Meeting

Stated Meeting 7:00 PM

SAT. 21- Indy AASR Spring Convocation and Reunion

Brown County Bluegrass Bash

WED. 25- Brewmaster's Dinner

May 2018

TUE. 1-   Deadline for the June Magazine

FRI.4-    Indiana Freemasons Golf Classic

TUE. 15- WED. 16   Grand Lodge Annual Communication

MON. 21-

Board Meeting

Stated Meeting 7:00 PM

FRI. 25-   Reception for Imperial Potentate

SUN. 27- Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

June 2018

SAT. 2 - Sportsman Raffle

SUN. 3- Chicago Hospital Open House

THUR.7-SAT 9- Brown County Summer Festival

MON. 18 -

Board Meeting

       Stated Meeting 7:00 PM  

FRI.22-  Indians Game Tailgate Party

THUR. 28-  All Indiana Freemasons and Shrine Golf Outing

July 2018

SUN. 15- THUR. 19-  Imperial Session at Daytona Beach

August 2018

WED. 22- Potentate’s Golf Outing

SAT. 25- Cincinnati Hospital 50th Anniversary

September 2018

SAT. 8- President’s Ball

MON. 18-   Board Meeting

Stated Meeting 7:00 PM

THU.20-SAT.22   Great Lakes Shrine Assoc.- Grand Rapids


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