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Walter P. Chrysler (1875 - 1940)

Founder of the Chrysler Corportion

Inventor of the Chrysler Automobile repaired a Steam Locomotive in record time and built the Plymouth and De Soto. Walter Percy Chrysler intimidated other car dealers and made them stronger with better ideas for their cars. Chrysler felt that innovations were important to technology. That heritage continued in the 1960's with the Apollo moon-landing program. The Chrysler Corporation was the only automobile manufacturer to have a prime NASA contract, building the first stage of Saturn I booster.

Walter Chrysler, born April 2, 1875, was a member Isis Shrine at Salina, Kansas. He was an affiliated member of Cedar Lodge, Oshawa, Ont. Canada, the mother lodge of his former employer and fellow Shriner Sam McLaughlin, president of General Motors of Canada. Walter Chrysler passed away August 18, 1940.