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Roy Clark (1933 - )


Wearing a large masonic emblem on his lapel, Roy Clark entertained an audience of over 2,000 Masons and friends March 13 in the Cleveland Masonic Auditorium. Sponsored by the Valley of Cleveland, A.A.S.R., the show revealed the outstanding musical talent of the popular "Hee-Haw" performer and his 12-piece band.

Clark, who was made a Mason at sight December 9 in Tulsa by the Grand Master of Oklahoma, praised Masonry on stage, and in a private pre-show interview.

" I know of no other organization where you have a friend all over the world. It gives you peace of mind, especially travelling as much as we do."

" It was brought home to us last month when we were on tour in Regina, Saskatchewan," he explained. "Our guitar player, Frank Sandusky, had a blood vessel suddenly rupture in his neck, was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor's report was grave. When local brethren found out that he was a Mason they sent for his wife. They took her in, saw that she got back and forth to the hospital, and saw to her needs. It didn't cost her anything, and made an unpleasant situation more bearable — and that is what Masonry is all about. Frank is with us today, as my 'right arm' in the band and plays a lot of the beautiful harmony you'll hear."