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Athol (Allan) Layton (1920 - 1984)

Canadian Wrestling Star, Past Potentate Rameses Temple Toronto

Layton began wrestling in 1948 and moved to Ontario in 1950 where worked as an wrestler and TV commentator — primarily with Frank Tunney in Toronto and used "judo chops" later in his career. Wrestled in Toronto until the summer of 1976 (age 55), for the rest of his life, he worked as the PR director for a distillery. Layton was nominated to run as a Liberal in a Toronto riding in the 1963 Ontario election, but chose to step aside. Well-known for his involvement with charities and social organizations, particularly the Shriners where Layton achieved the high rank of Potentate of Rameses Shriners, Toronto. Layton died in January 1984 at the age of 63.