Famous Shriners


Only documented nobles will be placed on this list. Contact us if you know of a noble who should be on this list. Click on a highlighted name below to view the Famous Shriners' biography.

PHS - Member of Prince Hall Shrine

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Comedian Actor
Agajanian, Ben
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Assu, Harry
Kwagiulth Chief

Acuff, Roy

Aldrin, Buzz
Astronaut, Colonel
Austin, Warren
First U.S. Ambassador to UN
Adams, Charles
National Hockey League Developer
Aleman, Miguel
Mexican President
Autry, Gene
Actor Businessman
Adolphi, John
Producer, Director
Artzt, William
Violinist, Composer

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Bacon, Loyd
Film Director
Berlin, Irving
Song Writer
Brooks, Foster
Comedian "Carol Burnett Show"
Balchen, Bernt
Aviator Explorer
Berryman, Clifford
Pulitzer Prize Cartoonist
Brown, Joe E.
Ballantine, Carl
Bible, Dana X
Football Coaches Hall of Fame
Brundage, Avery
U.S. Olympic President
Bancroft, George
Blanc, Mel
Actor, Voice of Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd
Bryan, William Jennings
Lawyer, Politician
Barnes, George
Academy Award Winning Cinematograhper
Blue, Monte
Buchanan, Edgar
Basie, Count PHS
Jazz Musician
Booth, Ballington
Founder of Volunteers of America
Buchanan, John
Senator, Premier of Nova Scotia
Beatty, Clyde
Animal Trainer
Borgnine, Ernest
Burke, Arleigh A.
U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral
Beery, Wallace
Bradham, C. D.
Original Founder Pepsi Cola Co.
Burnhart, Ken
National League Umpire
Bell, Max
Canadian Publisher
Bradley, Omar
General of the Army
Burns, Conrad
Bennett, W.A.C.
Premier of British Columbia
Bradley, Thomas
Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Bentsen, Lloyd
U.S. Senator
Brewster, Harlan
Premier of British Columbia

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Carlson, Curtis
Owner / CEO Radisson Hotels, Carlson Travel
Chrysler, Walter P.
Founder of the Chrysler Corportion
Combs, Earl
Baseball Hall of Fame
Carnahan, Mel
Clark, Roy
Cook, Lewis C.
AP Editor, Chronicler of Harry S. Truman
Cash, Johnny
Country Music Hall of Fame
Cobb, Ty
Baseball Player
Cooper, Gordon
Cermak, Anton
Mayor of Chicago
Coburn, Charles
Crosby, Norm
Chandler, Albert "Happy"
Member Baseball Hall of Fame
Cochrane, Mickey
Baseball Hall of Famer
Czerwonky, Richard
Violin Virtuoso
Chiang, Gen.Wego
Son of Chiang Kai-shek
Cody, William "Buffalo Bill"
Chennault, Claire
Commander "Flying Tigers"
Cohan, George M.
Christenson, Larry
RHP (1973-83)
Cole, Nat King PHS
Musician, Singer

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Dano, Royal
Actor, Voice of Abe Lincoln
Diaz, Jaime
Film Producer
Dow, William
President Dow Chemical
Deal, Charles
3rd Baseman Detroit Tigers
Diaz, Porfirio
Mexican President
Draa, Charles
Composer, Pianist
Dee, Marvin "Doc"
Auto Racer
Dickens, Little Jimmy
Country Music Hall of Fame
Drake, Marty
Singer, Composer
Defore, Don
Actor, "Hazel" TV sitcom
Diefenbaker, John
Canadian Prime Minister
Drake, Russell
Makeup Artist
DeMille, Cecil B.
Movie Producer
Diemer, Melvin
Noted Naturalist Photographer
Dull, Orville
Academy Award winning Producer
Dempsey, Jack
Dockendorf, David
Movie Sound Technician
Duncan, John Sr.
3 time Mayor Knoxville, Tenn
Depinet, Ned
President RKO Pictures
Dole, Robert
Duncan, John Jr.
Congressman, Knoxville, Tenn
Desmond, William
Silent Screen Actor
Dolittle, Jimmy
Aviation Legend
Dewey, Thomas
Donlevy, Brian

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Eisenhower, Arthur
Brother of President Eisenhower
Elway, Jack
Football Coach
Ellington, Duke PHS
Jazz Musician
Exon, John
US Senator

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Fahrni, Dr. Gordon
Founder of the American Goitre Association
Ford, Gerald
U.S. President
Foss, Joseph
Medal of Honor, Gov.S.Dak.
Finley, Charles
Owner of Kansas City Athletics
Ford, Glenn
Freleng, Friz

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Gable, Clark
Actor, Academy Award winner
Godfrey, Arthur
Grissom, Virgil Gus
Gilman, Benjamin
Goldwater, Barry
U.S. Senator
Guest, Edgar
American Poet
Gillman, Sid
Coach Football Hall of Fame
Green, Dwight
Former Governor Illinois

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Harding, Warren
U.S. President

Henley, Hobart
Early Movie Matinee Idol
Houdini, Harry
Showman, Magician
Hardy, Oliver
Hilburn, John
Hughes, William
Hamey, Ray
GM New York Yankees
Hollingberry, Orin Babe
Football Coaches Hall of Fame
Hume, Fred
Hockey Hall of Fame
Haney, Fred
GM Los Angeles Angels
Hollis, William
VP Publix Super Markets
Humphrey, Hubert
U.S. Vice President
Hatfield, Mark O.
U.S. Senator
Hoover, J Edgar
Director FBI
Hunt, George
First Govenor of Arizona
Hayes, Charles H
Founder of Schoolboy Patrol
Hornish, Sam Jr.
2006 Indianapolis 500 Champion

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Ingalls, Donald
Film and TV Producer
Ives, Burl
Folksinger, Actor

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Jackson, Henry "Scoop"
U.S. Senator
Jones, Buck
Cowboy Movie Star

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Keck, Charles
Noted American Sculpter
King Kalakaua
Hawaiian King
Kisselburgh, Alexander
Noted Concert Baritone
Kefauver, Estes
U.S. Senator
King, Karl
March Composer, Band Leader
Knox, Frank
U.S. Secretary of the Navy
Kemp, Jack
King, Ernest
Admiral U.S. Navy
Kristofferson, Kris
Actor / Singer

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LaGuardi, Fiorello
Mayor of New York
Larsen, Henry
Canadian Arctic Explorer
Lloyd, Harold
Laneau, Richard
Lary, Yale
Football Hall of Fame
Lott, Trent
LaMott, Michael
1st Man Ever Shot Out of a Cannon
Layton, Athol
Canadian Wrestling Star; Past Potentate Rameses Temple Toronto
Louvin, Charlie
Member of Grand Ol Oprey

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MacArthur, Douglas
Military General
Mathais, Charles
U.S. Senator
McBride, Sir Richard
Premier of British Columbia
Main, Lewis
Concert Violinist
Maughan, Col. Russell
1st to Fly Cross-Country
Meyer, Leo "Dutch"
Football Coaches Hall of Fame
Malone, Edwin
Exec-Producer Radio & TV
Mayer, Louis B.
Movie Producer
Mix, Tom
Cowboy Movie Star
Marshall, Thurgood
Chief Justice
Maynard, Ken
Western Actor
Murphy, Audie
U.S. War Hero & Actor
Martin, Tony
Actor, Singer
McLaughlin, Samuel
Founder General Motors of Canada
Martz, James
Publisher & Editor
Mayo, Dr. Charles
Co-Founder of the Mayo Clinic

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Nagel, Conrad
Actor, Founder AMA&S (Oscars)
Niehoff, Bert
Baseball Infielder - Reds
Nunn, Sam
Narron, Jerry
Manager of the Cincinnati Reds
Nitschke, Ray
NFL Football Hall of Fame
Nethercutt, George, R.
Norris, George

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Obici, Amedeo
Founder Planters Peanut Co.
Olds, Ransom
Founder Oldsmobile Motor Co.
Owen, Walter
Lt-Governor of British Columbia

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Palmer, Arnold
Pearson, David
Three Time Winston Cup Champion
Pershing, John
General of the Army
Parker, Billy J.
Country Music Hall of DJ
Peck, Cyrus R.
Victoria Cross Holder
Post, Wiley
Peale, Norman Vincent
Minister Author
Perkins, Carl
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Powell, Dick

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Raborn, William
Admiral, Director CIA
Rickenbacker, Eddie
U.S. Air Ace
Rogers, Will
Reece, B.Carroll
Tenn. Congressman
Rodriquez, Abelardo
Mexican President
Rolston, Charles
Creator of the Service Station
Reagan, Ronald
U.S.President, Honourary Shriner, Actor
Rodgers, Jimmie
Father of Country Music
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
U.S. President
Rice, Norman, B.
First Afro-American Mayor
of Seattle, Washington
Rogers, Roy
Roosevelt, Teddy Jr.
Brig.-General U.S. Army
Richards, Michael
Actor / Comedian
Robinson, Sugar Ray PHS
Boxing Champion
Rubio, Pascual
Mexican President

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Schirra, Walter
Skelton, Red
Comedian Artist
Stallone, Frank
Sanders, Col. Harland
Sketchley, Bud
White Sox Outfielder
Starr, Bart
NFL Football Hall of Fame
Self, Kenneth W.
Member of the Auto Hall of Fame, CEO Freightliner Corporation
Smallwood, Joey
Last Founder of Confederation - Canada
Stokes, Louis PHS
Sekora, Lou
Member of Parlaiment
Sousa, John Phillip
Strand, John
Northwest Passage Navigator
Sheaffer, Walter
Founder Sheaffer Pen Co.
Spanos, Alexander
Owner San Diego Chargers
Swanson, Robert
Creator Modern Foghorn
Sherill, Jackie
Football Coach, Mississippi State
Speaker, Tris
Baseball Star
Stutz, Harry C.
Creator of the Famous Stutz Bearcat
Sizemore, Admiral William A. Stafford, Thomas

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Terry, William "Memphis Bill"
Baseball Hall of Fame
Thurston, Howard
Noted Magician
Trent, Charles "Buck"
Thomas, Danny
Tillis, Mel
Truman, Harry
U.S. President
Thomas, Dave
Tomaini, Aurelio
Noted Circus Giant
Tucker, Preston
Automobile Manufacturer
Thurmond, Strom
U.S. Senator
Trendle, George
Creator of Lone Ranger and Green Hornet

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Valdes, Miguel
Mexican President
Vandenberg, Arthur
U.S. Senator

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Wainwright, Jonathan
WWII General
Washington, Harold
Former Mayor of Chicago
Wiley, Alexander
Father of the St. Lawrence Seaway
Walker, Charlie
Country Music Hall of Fame
Wattis, Edmund
Builder of Hoover Dam
Wills, Chill
Wallenda, Karl
Circus Legend
Wayne, John
Wilson, Charles
Former Secretary of State
Warner, Jack
Warner Bros. Movie Studios
Whiteman, Paul
Worten, Cal
Sports Writer for LA Times
Warren, Earl
Chief Justice, Governor
Wiebe, John E.N.
Lt. Governor of Saskatchewan 1994/2000

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Yoder, Lloyd
Former V.P. of NBC
Yost, Fielding
Football Coaches Hall of Fame
Young, Cy
Baseball Star

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Zamloch, Carl
Detroit Tigers Pitcher
Zapruder, Abraham
Zarubica, Mladin
Pro Football Hall of Fame