2016 Potentate's Message

132 Years Having Fun Helping Kids

I want to thank each of you for the confidence you have placed in me as your 105th Potentate.  What an incredible honor it is to be the Potentate of the largest Shrine Temple in the World!!!

I am extremely grateful to Past Potentate Craig T. Hinshaw for appointing me to the progressive Officer Line and giving me this wonderful opportunity.  I only wish he was still with us to enjoy this year.

My appointment this year is no stranger to Murat.  William R. Stanton was appointed to the Divan in 2005 by then Potentate Jeffery P. Zaring.  Due to moving out of state, Bill was unable to continue in the Divan.  I am so excited to have the chance to bring Bill back to the Officer Line.  He brings a wide range of business and leadership experience to Murat.  We are very fortunate to have him and Muriel back.

Over 1 year ago, the membership of Murat voted to leave our historic home and look for another location.  After an exhaustive search and not finding a suitable location, you spoke loud and clear to remain in our downtown location.  We have been here over 100 years in one of the most recognizable buildings in Indianapolis.  Now that we have decided to stay, we have much to do!!  Improving the infrastructure, updating and remodeling the interior and making our home the destination spot it used to be.  Your Divan is committed to making the “Shrine Experience” the best it can be.

This year will be exciting for a number of reasons.  I hope you will be motivated to participate in new and different events.  For the 1st time in decades, the Potentates Ball will not be in our building.  It will take place on March 19th, 2016 at the prestigious Indiana Roof Ballroom.  Join us for Dinner, Dancing and a Polynesian Performance by Indy Hula!! 

We will have several public events to spread the word of Murat Shrine and the 22 Children’s Hospitals we support.  Murat will be instrumental in reviving the Indy Air Show with the proceeds going to our Hospital System.  What a great opportunity to show off our community involvement and our Shriner pride!! 

One of our main objectives is to increase membership.  With only a couple of exceptions, we have been declining in membership for decades.  We MUST turn this around.  We have a goal to initiate 300 new Nobles this year.  We can only be successful with your help.  When you think about it, our story is an easy one to tell.  With nearly 80 Clubs and Units, a vast array of activities and especially, our 22 Children’s Hospitals, there is something for every prospective member.  We just need to talk about who we are and what we do!!  Will you make an effort to bring in at least 1 new Noble this year?  If you are the top line signer for 3 new Nobles this year, your dues for 2017 will be FREE!!!  If you are the top line signer for 15 new Nobles, you will never pay dues again!!!  Every one of you are on the membership team.

Sometime in January, you will receive one of my Potentate’s pins in the mail. Included will be a request for a donation to Shriners Hospitals for Children. I hope you will respond to the request and help Murat Shrine make a large donation to our Hospitals. All of the net proceeds will go directly to our Hospital System!!  None will be retained by Murat.

My hope this year is that you and your family will be engaged and involved in the “Shriner Experience”.  Be active, show your Murat pride, help grow membership and together we can make Murat Shrine the best it can be!!


Yours in the Faith,




Carl E. Culmann,

Illustrious Potentate